Ghost Letters, p.2

Dear First Love,

It’s been really hard. I don’t know what to do right now. I so badly want to move on, find another person, somebody that isn’t like you; I want to be free. I almost feel guilty for leaving you behind, even though you left me years ago. I still feel you holding me back, and I’m so selfish for feeling this way. I want nothing more than to stop, to cut my emotional tie. I’ve had a lot time to reflect, and I’ve found that I’ve been happier by myself. I found that you were not a necessity in my life. I still write about you, and I still think about you. I wonder what you’re doing, and I wonder if I ever cross your mind like you do in mine. You stroll through my mind– memories flash through my mind. The small memories that I shared with you, the ones that were insignificant in the giant spectrum of us. I’m sorry I keep writing to your ghost. I missed you today. I never did want to keep this feeling. I wish I could give it to somebody else.


You never even told me why,

Your First Love


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