6 feet under

From another thing that I will not say,

I am silent.


My heart has swelled up into my throat,

and has become


the only thing I will speak about for the

next lifetime


without you. My voice has been replaced

by shards of


heartbreak, and broken frames of trust.

You are loud.


Your friendship is nothing but based on



unsettled, unattainable grounds that

must be


met by your own standards of living.

I am buried


6 feet under, accompanied by the

fear that I


will never know what true connection

feels like.


As I lay in my bed of stones, soil, and

shards of


glass, you continue to battle on my

burial site.


I am 6 feet under, unable to breathe

but you,


both of you, do not see that you are



what’s killing me. I am to die by your

own hand.


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